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Cancer Defence is a Poland-wide informational and educational campaign dedicated to cancer prevention, directed towards young people (students aged 14-19), and focused on three types of cancer: lung cancer, cervical cancer, and melanoma. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of factors that directly increase the risk of cancer.

Taking part in our campaign is very easy. You just have to download and fill out the Declaration of Participation in the Cancer Defence Educational Campaign (you can download it here), and then send it to us by email: rakoobrona@fundacjarosa.pl.

The campaign is aimed at young people aged 14-19. This age group has been chosen for following reasons:
- Over 20% of secondary-school students in Poland are addicted to smoking; it is estimated that half of them will die prematurely of tobacco-related diseases. 70% of smokers start smoking by the age of 18.
- Vaccinations against HPV, the viruses responsible for the increased risk of cervical cancer, are most effective when received before sexual initiation.
- In 2010, the incidence rate of cervical cancer in Poland was higher by 15% than the average incidence rate in the EU; the cervical cancer mortality rate in Poland was higher by 70% than the average rate in the EU.
- In Poland, there are 3000 new melanoma cases every year, and the mortality rate of this type of cancer is as high as 80%. The incidence rate of melanoma in Poland doubles every 10 years.
- Education about cancer prevention is particularly important among young people. Promoting health consciousness among that age group can help shape responsible and healthy society in the future.

The campaign focuses on three specific types of cancer: cervical cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer. Among the types of cancer most common among adults, we’ve chosen those that can be caused by behaviours and habits formed during adolescence (smoking, excessive sun exposure, HPV infection). The aim of the campaign is to increase health consciousness among adolescents and their guardians and to make them realize the consequences of not following a few simple rules of cancer prevention.

The participation in the campaign is completely free of charge.

Packets of didactic materials for schools will be sent to those institutions which express the wish of joining the programme by filling out the Declaration of Participation in the Cancer Defence Educational Campaign.

Schools participating in Cancer Defence will receive a packet of didactic materials including a guidebook for teachers, educational posters for students, and a DVD with a film with true cancer patient stories.

We will be sending the materials to schools from September, so that the classes can take place in fall semester 2016/2017.

Every secondary and upper-secondary school that sends us the Declaration of Participation will be admitted to the Cancer Defence educational programme. They will be informed by phone or email.

Declaration of Participation in the Cancer Defence Educational Campaign can be signed only by a person authorized to represent the institution (the headmaster, the governing authority).


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