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Melanoma is a malignant skin cancer that may occur at any age; unfortunately, it is fairly common among young people. The incidence rate of melanoma is steadily increasing. In Poland, it doubles every 10 years. Discovering it at an early stage can give even a 90% chance at full recovery; however, in advanced stages, melanoma usually produces metastases and becomes incurable. Melanoma is one of the few malignant types of cancer the emergence of which can be noticed “with the naked eye” – identified early and correctly, it may not constitute a threat to life and health. It is treated mostly surgically. Melanoma can also originate in the mucous membranes (nose, mouth) and around the eye; that, however, occurs very rarely.



Is It Melanoma? – How to Identify It?

Who Can Get Melanoma?

How to Prevent Melanoma?

What Tests Will the Doctor Order?

What Is the Treatment?

After Melanoma Treatment – What to Do?

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