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Cancer Defence in Warsaw


Date of publication: 18/12/2014


Ready… Steady… Go! Cancer Defence Has Been Launched.

A Warsaw press conference with Cancer Defence’s experts, prof. Jacek Jassem and prof. Mariusz Bidziński, officially opened our campaign.

The start of the campaign was preceded by focus group interviews and surveys. You already had a chance to study the results of the interviews.


It’s time to present the report of a survey conducted among 1500 students of secondary and upper-secondary schools throughout Poland, which has been shown during the Warsaw conference as an infographic.


The objective of the survey was to assess young people’s awareness of cancer and its prevention. According to the report, the questioned students have shown considerable gaps in their knowledge about every single stage of cancer. Young people have difficulties using correct cancer terminology and identifying the causes of the disease, its symptoms, as well as its preventive measures and available treatments. 

To improve and reinforce adolescents’ knowledge about cancer prevention, we prepared attractive packets of didactic materials, which include DVDs with a film showing true cancer patient stories (Cancer Games), didactic guidebooks for teachers, and flyers. The packets will be sent to all schools which declare participation in our programme. (The declaration of participation is HERE)



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