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Time to Start!


Date of publication: 18/12/2014


CANCER DEFENCE, because the Best Time to Act is RIGHT NOW!


In May 2014, Fundacja Rosa and DUM SPIRO-SPERO Oncological Foundation are launching a new project dedicated to cancer prevention – Cancer Defence. The project is aimed at young people, in whose awareness two simple associations should form – cancer and defence.


The programme focuses on three types of cancer: lung cancer, cervical cancer, and melanoma. Above all, it aims at making the target group aware that, by using certain strategies, it is possible to prevent the development of these specific types of cancer. The programme encourages adolescents to form health-conscious attitudes and brings attention to the fact that cancer is a problem that directly concerns them. Additionally, it presents real consequences of neglecting cancer prevention, because, as our campaign slogan states, the best time to act is right now!

Schools interested in joining the programme should complete the declaration of participation and send it back to us. You can download the declaration form HERE


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