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Summer Surprises


Date of publication: 24/07/2014


Keeping Busy: Cancer Defence Spreads Wider and Wider!


Over 160 secondary and upper-secondary schools all over Poland declared participation in the Cancer Defence campaign.

This fall, several tens of thousands of students will take part in educational classes dedicated to prevention of three types of cancer: lung cancer, cervical cancer, and melanoma.

The basis of the lessons will be Cancer Games, a film which shows stories of three people who struggle with the three types of cancer discussed during the campaign. We will start shipping the educational materials in the second half of August.

We are still hoping that other institutions will join us. We’d like to remind everyone that the declaration of participation can be downloaded HERE. To declare participation of a school you just have to fill out the form and send it to the address of Fundacja Rosa:
Ruska 11/12
50-079 Wrocław.

However, before we begin the school programme, we are planning some summer surprises for you. Keep your eyes (and ears) wide open, and look for CNDF elements during your visits in Polish cities!

Don’t hesitate to visit also Cancer Defence’s Facebook profile – very soon we’ll be holding a few contests, during which you’ll be able to impress us with your knowledge about cancer prevention and win attractive prizes.

Join the fun!



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